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Secretor Status Test (Lewis Blood Group)

All Greenfields tests are carried out in our haematology lab and the results are posted to you.

To find your secretor status using Lewis blood group choose the basic Lewis Blood Group Test (£50.00). This will tell you if you are secretor, non-secretor or Lewis negative.

To add the ABO blood group (with subgroups of A) and Rh (D) blood group test choose the Lewis and ABO Test (£79).

To add the MN subgroup test, choose the Lewis and MN Test (£85.00). This will not test for your ABO blood group.

To add both the ABO test and MN subgroups, choose the Full Blood Grouping and Subgrouping test (£112). This will test for ABO, A1/A2, Rhesus (D), Lewis blood group (for secretor status) and MN subgroups.

The Lewis test is genetically linked to ABO saliva secretor status, but will not give results in about 5% of people. For results of Lewis Negative you may want to buy a Saliva Secretor Test (£64.50). You must know your ABO blood group to complete a saliva secretor test.